Working Hard For You

As your state senator, I have kept my word to represent the people I serve and not cave into "political bosses" and special interest groups. My job is to stand up for you, do what is right, and not be intimidated by those who do not make your best interests their priority.  However, as you might imagine, this does not make everyone happy.

This year working alongside my senate colleagues, I successfully sponsored legislation to help us locate and monitor cancer clusters in out country. There are many toxic site in Maryland and Prince George's County that are possibly cancer-causing, I am fighting hard to regulate, clean them up and/or shut them down. Also, in a very competitive environment, where money is scarce, I was able to bring back more money from Annapolis to District 26 for school construction than any other legislative district.

I have worked with and fought hard for our community, and to continue my work, I need your help. Can I count on you?

Senator C. Anthony Muse

"Let's continue to move forward together."